Tuesday, November 12, 2019

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Hi, y’all. I want you to know that this could get long, but please read it. And I hope it doesn’t sound like I am irritated, I just want you to see how I saw things. Plus, I get my thoughts out better written down than verbally. First of all, now that I have found my composure, I want to say thank you for saying something last night. I wish you had said something earlier. I really didn’t realize you didn’t feel I was contributing at all. I know Julia was doing more than she should, but I thought I was trying to do what I could. Please accept my apologies and know that my contribution or lack thereof wasn’t conscious or planned – things have just happened. You are right, I should have asked about the research proposal and offered to write up your notes, but I really thought y’all were writing the whole thing that Saturday. And I was planning on meeting with you until you postponed and didn’t want to do it Sunday, when I could do it. Then I got caught up in my midterm exam, paper and presentation so didn’t really think to find out about the proposal because I knew you had it under control. As for the focus group, I had asked for the notes as early as possible, but didn’t get them until late afternoon on Friday when I had said I wouldn’t be able to write anything on Saturday. So, Sunday was it. You gave me a bunch of notes so I tried to include everything I could, including my ideas, to be edited down later. I could have edited it down myself. I said it was a rough draft – I asked in my email for you to tell me what changes to make and to email me back about it but Julia went ahead and did it. I didn’t realize you wanted a finished project – I figured you would want some say so in it. Which, it was obvious you did since ideas I had added were removed. And, I did ask people to come to the focus group – they just didn’t come because they didn’t have that Saturday afternoon free. And they were probably people who go out a lot. Plus, I attended the focus group and took notes. All three of us couldn’t have been o n camera anyway.

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