Saturday, February 8, 2020

Organizational Behavior Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 4

Organizational Behavior - Essay Example The company was small and everyone was close. Aside from good working relationships, the company encouraged employees to develop close interpersonal relationships by holding activities that required family participation. The company observed a â€Å"Family Day† wherein employees can bring spouse and children. This created a positive vibe in everyone since the company believed that employees work hard for their family’s future. Because of this culture, employees were more open, honest, caring and committed to the company. Case ( 1996 ) argues that culture plays an important role in influencing the behavior of employees, so much that it is given much attention in the workplace. The culture of Family Day in my former workplace created a shared meaning that provides positive reinforcement to the employees in a non-monetary way. The employees cherish and nurture their working experience which tremendously manifested in terms of productivity. Once an employee finds his work and organization meaningful, he goes for the extra mile as a token of appreciation to the company. This rubs down on the customer service exemplified by the crew which customers can’t help notice. Question 2: Demonstrate how theories of motivation from this course, if applied in an organization, could increase employee performance. Cite relevant examples from outside sources and/or your course materials to complete this question. (Course Outcome 2) The motivation-hygiene theory by Herzberg is one theory of motivation when properly applied in the workplace could increase employee performance. Although this theory has many criticisms, managers can use this by giving more job responsibilities to their employees since this theory assumes that people like responsibility. Also, management can think twice before drawing up additional incentive plans or benefits since these things do not necessarily enhance performance. Rather, management can and should plan carefully what motivates the

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