Monday, September 9, 2019

Assignment 2 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Assignment 2 - Case Study Example The existing Infection Control Process was not using any information technology. The analysis of the current process reflected that the process was inefficient because of the fact that no information technology tool or method by the Infection Control Practitioners was being used after receiving the infection reports. The Infection Control Process was taking longer time because of different tasks which were being done manually. The reports and the patient charts were reviewed manually as the reports about infections were printed. Analysis of the Infection Control Process revealed that around 30 percent of the time of the Infection Control Practitioners was taken by the process of screening important reports and documents. Another issue with the existing Infection Control process was about the involvement of the Infection Control Practitioners in the overall notification activities. The main role in controlling the infections is of the Infection Control Practitioners, but they were not directly involved in the Infection Control process. ... During the process of improvement a whole new work flow was developed to support the Infection Control process (Christian and Fischer, 564). The notification part of the Infection Control process was not changed in the new proposal. In the proposal of new model of Infection Control process it was suggested that the link between the process of notification and the follow up process should be made more open and explicit. As a result the processes of notification and follow up were integrated together, so that the follow up process is started instantly after the process of notification about infectious diseases. This allowed to reduce the overall time consumed by the Infection Control process. Apart from this it was suggested to use the information technology and systems in order to eliminate the excessive manual work. The whole process of follow up was streamlined so that there should be proper automation because of the utilization of workflow. For this automation WFMS was integrated w ith the process. The Infection Control practitioners were able to directly access Soarain along with other IT support. This all contributed in minimizing the requirement of manual activities’. The use of information system in the process allowed larger margin of improvement because of more automation of work which in turn resulted in reduction of time consumed in the overall Infection Control process. RECOMMENDATIONS FOR FURTHER IMPORVEMENT AND BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING: The new Infection Control process resulted in improving the quality and performance of the process considerably, but there is still more room for improvement. There are several factors which if modified will result in providing more efficient result. Apart from

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