Wednesday, September 4, 2019

School Uniforms Essay -- Education

Schools should have uniforms for students so they can be distinguished between grade levels and to have all students dress the same way and offer some protection. Students might be against it because they want to wear regular clothes to impress other students. School uniform should be allowed in private as well in public schools because it will help faculty distinguish students, people and prevent inappropriate dressing. â€Å"Having a uniform helps students and parents resist peer pressure. In schools with no uniform, children may feel the need to dress in certain ways in order to fit in. This can often mean buying a lot of expensive and fashionable clothes that families cannot really afford. It can also mean girls being pressured into wearing skimpy clothes to try and look sexy at a very young age. It could even include Muslim girls feeling that they must wear a headscarf even though they don’t want to† (Debate, 2011). Parents of the student won’t have to purchase expensive cloth wear for their kids. Uniform will help them save money by purchasing the same uniform for all kids. â€Å"School Uniform will save parents money. The Upfront cost of uniform would be much less than a new wardrobe of the new â€Å"coolest† styles† (Kelly, 2012). This will let parents spend less money on expensive cloth that students are not even going to take care of them. They dress just to feel richer than other students, but in reality they try present themselves as if they had a lot of money. Uniforms will be the same shirt, color and same tie if their permitted by the school. It will also help them if they are going to buy the same shoes for all the kid because they might find them on clearance or on half price. School clothing can be purchased even in the same... ...understand their parents when it comes to spending money to buy their own cloth. Students might be against it but it’s not they’re call anymore and they have to wear what the board members had strictly gave them in order to succeed in their school days. References Brooks, M. (n.d.). Pros and cons. Retrieved from Debate, J. (2011, May 29). Debate pedia. Retrieved from Kelly , M. (2012, n.d.). School uniforms. Retrieved from Wilde , M. (2012, n.d. n.d.). Do uniforms make school better?. Retrieved from (Brooks, n.d.) (Debate, 2011) (Kelly , 2012) (Wilde , 2012)

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