Thursday, September 26, 2019

Project Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Project - Essay Example Currently, it is spoken by not less than 750 million individuals and half of them are native speakers. English has turned to be the planet’s most spoken language. Some critics provoked a huge amount of interest in the unpredictable manners in which young people appropriate and apply linguistic resources consciously in greatly marked identity forms through a process that can be called styling. English, just like any other language has made tremendous steps globally; a fact that is widely supported since English is regarded to be the language that is used in transforming the entire world. Sociolinguistic is a term used in referring to the study of the relationship connecting society and language. It is the duty of sociolinguists to explain why individuals speak dissimilarly in different social contexts. The phrase â€Å"sociolinguist† was arrived at by the social Science Research Council (SSRC) in the year 1963 to distinguish its new advisory committee. The term was a psycholinguistics’ analog, the interdisciplinary major it had magnificently brokered a decade earlier. Whatever sociolinguistics has to avail to studies of English as a language, shall be defined by emerging developments, and not the older ones. The new ones pose a great challenge to the study of English. A lot of changes have contributed to the emergence of some terminologies used in a particular language. Just like any other discipline, sociolinguistic shelters a tremendous variety of approaches. In other parts of sociolinguistics, it seems as very little has taken place for the past couple of decades; however in others, there are new developments witnessed and they are up-coming at a speed flouting that of publishing, resulting to most people downloading working papers ad disbursing PowerPoint presentations instead of finished work. This paper has focused on the kind of languages used by most people; for this case, slang and original English. The scope of this study has also

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