Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Perception in Director Spike Jonzes Adaptation Essay examples -- Fi

Perception in Director Spike Jonze's "Adaptation" The film begins with the voice of Nicholas Cage as Charlie Kaufman berating himself for the image he perceives himself to be, namely, a â€Å"fat-ass†, while at the same time, he knows what he needs to be: â€Å"Just be real, confident, that’s what women like.† Throughout the film, Charlie struggles with two conflicting views of himself: the poised, confident man he could be and the bumbling, awkward man he sees himself to be. Through the narrative technique of inner monologue, the audience has access to all of Charlie’s thoughts and insecurities. Charlie’s opinion of himself dictates how he functions in the world. He is an extremely talented screenwriter and an extraordinary individual yet he is unable to believe in himself. On the other hand, his twin brother, Donald, captures the essence of everything Charlie wants and fails to be. Donald finishes his script while Charlie is agonizing over the few words he manages to squeeze out. Donald b egins a relationship with an attractive makeup artist while Charlie cannot bring himself to ...

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