Thursday, September 26, 2019

Public Health Nursing Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 86

Public Health Nursing - Assignment Example Common differences between infectious syndromes and child mortality among other development programs may challenge the understanding of the interrelationships of diseases affecting those in poor nations. For example, the movie, Water First, directed by Amy Hart presents water shortage as the leading cause of waterborne diseases such as cholera and bilharzia, in Malawi. Water shortage is also responsible for the increased school dropouts among female teenagers. This is contrary to the situations in developed nations such as the U.S. where child mortality, infectious syndromes, and injuries are majorly caused by poor diets, overconsumption of alcohol, road traffic accidents, and tobacco. In order to assess and understand the challenges facing the implementation of a standardized global health care system, let us consider and compare health statistics of the U.S. and of two other developing countries, which include Nicaragua and Peru. The World Health Organization data repository indicates that the age-standardized mortality rate by all causes (ages 30-70, per 100,000 population), in 2008, was 460, 680 and 478, in the U.S., Nicaragua, and Peru respectively. This data is summarized ion the table below; There are factors that make these figures vary from one nation to another, and these include literacy level, poverty level, availability of food and drinking water, eating habits, and availability of physicians. From the data above, it is evident that the mortality rate is the U.S. (an industrialized nation) is much less than that of Nicaragua and Peru (developing nations). This is probably because they have better health care facilities and highly qualified physicians. Additionally, different state governments, in the U.S. are capable of supplying clean water to almost every household in that state. This is contrary to the situation in Nicaragua and Peru where almost 26 percent of the population cannot access balanced diet and clean water. This is the reason why most deaths in developing nations (Nicaragua and Peru) are because of poor diets, waterborne diseases.

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