Sunday, September 8, 2019

Juno American Feature Film Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Juno American Feature Film - Essay Example Juno has a very basic story line as well as concept attached to the tale; it is about a young girl trying to explore the nooks and crannies of intimacy and relationships without understanding the implications that might arise along with the same. The film has been directed in a very concise manner making use of pencil stylized ‘rotoscoped’ images right from the credits in the beginning, making use of animation in order to help the audience understand the maturity level of the girl and the kind of colourful life that she always wanted to live for herself. This entire sequence took a period of seven to eight months to be mastered as each and every shot that follows Juno on her way to the medical pharmacy was taken in short screenings. The set design is incredible, assisting in providing the film with a touch of wonder. The various characters within the movie have been portrayed in a very interesting manner. The director has taken his time to choose the main protagonists an d provide them with a different twist. Juno is a young teenage girl who comes off a little strong on the first meeting with everyone. The lighting during the course of the film is a light and well maintained one without any qualms as such, helping to show the warmth emanating from the characters at different points throughout the course of the movie. Full of sarcasm, Juno helps to put an indie spin in the movie and gives a very intense performance with her dominating nature and need to control everything that might not even be in her reach. However, she understands where she went wrong by getting pregnant but decides to bring about a change in a couple’s life with the help of her baby who she is willing to give up in order to make someone else happy. There was a vast amount of dramatisation in the film played by the other characters, namely Juno’s parents which helped to calm the situation by making her understand what she had gone through, and helping her come out wit h a solution rather than screaming at her and making her feel the pain of the implications and consequences that she was already suffering. The two characters acted in an excellent manner, almost very real and lifelike, helping parents all around to understand how to cope with their children if they befall such a similar situation in their future. The entire design of the film is based on the four seasons of the year and the film has thus been divided into four aspects with different materials used to give the picture of the various seasons that passed by. For example, the use of fake flora and flowers were made in order to depict spring taking place. Fans were used in order to blow leaves and flowers around in order to show autumn and the shedding of leaves and trees. The use of fake cherry blossom trees were also made to make the set look more real. Different colours were also used wisely by the director as he tried to use each colour to signify the weather on the outside. For exa mple, the opening sequence of the movie shows Juno walking in a red hoodie jacket, walking through sombre coloured green and brown lush greenery around her (Sciretta). Juno’s bedroom as well was a very cleverly designed set as it helped to appeal to the minds of most young teenagers, showing how most young people keep their rooms; messy as

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