Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Meteorology assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Meteorology - Assignment Example Review the sounding data available from the online repository to estimate the value of CAPE just prior to the occurrence of the Angus tornado. The atmosphere was predisposed to wards severe weather since the Environment Canada had issued tornado warnings for several communities in the area as a line of severe thunderstorms with embedded tornadoes moved into the Lake Simcoe region. On Tuesday at around 5:20 pm, a cold front spawned a number of strong to severe thunderstorms across the southern Ontario. This was said by the environmental of Canada in the storm summary early on Wednesday. i. Suppose lightning was observed in Angus, and that you had a clear line of sight from York University to it. How long would it take for you to hear the thunder corresponding to the Angus lightning? State any assumptions required for this estimation. After the storms, several thousands of homes and businesses I Angus were without power. More than 24 hours, customers in Ontario were still not having electricity. The thunderstorm went out in the following sequence, at 8:47 a.m., the first severe thunderstorm went out, then 10:54 a.m., 2:25 p.m., 2:37 p.m., 3:03 p.m. - 4:54 p.m. then the tornado warning replaces severe thunderstorm warning. According to Environment Canada, the tornado was associated with severe thunderstorm. It was accompanied by large hail, wind gusts greater than or equal to 50kts, or tornado. In other words, it was an Ordinary Cell Thunderstorm. http://www.theweathernetwork.com/news/articles/tornado-rips-through-angus-ontario-several-homes-damaged-no-major-injuries-reported/29754/. The tornado is approximated to travel at a wind speed of between 180-220 km/hr. and with limited wind shear. http://globalnews.ca/video/1475249/return-home-timing-uncertain-for-tornado-victims-in-angus. Tornadoes are very destructive as from the video link above, it led to the death of several people for instance the severe

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